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Product Description:
CP50P PE free-glue attached protection film is an eco-friendly PE material coated with special pressure-sensitive glue. It possesses low viscosity without glue residue as removing.
Product Application

CP50P possesses high extensible, weather resistant and good affinity.
It’s easy to peer, contain no glue residue and rework easily.

Product Features:

CP50P can be applied in plastic film, plastic plate, wood board, glass and metal processing protection.
Embossing protection film is used in plastic film and plate pressing process.

Product Features:
Product SPEC:
Item AR-CP50P Test Method
Appearance Original Visual Inspection
Thickness (μ) 50~52 Micro Gauge
Specific Weight 0.92 ASTM D-1505
Haze % 10.4~10.8 ASTM D-1003
Gloss % 86~92 ASTM D-2457


Young’s Modulus
MD 17.5 ASTM D–790
CD 16.7


Tensile Strength
MD 315 ASTM D–882
CD 240
(%)Elongation MD 785 ASTM D–882
CD 890
( g )Tear Strength MD 184 ASTM D–1922
CD 880
Non-adhesive Skid S1-S1 0.66~0.71 ASTM D–1894

Adhesive Strength

For PVC Plate 5.6 NY method
For A-PET Plate 6.6
Environment Test (Moving Method) After film cold applied with A-PET plate (1mm), place in oven at 80℃×1hr、60℃×2hr without separation. NY method
Store Conditions:
Indoor temperature 25±2℃, 1 year guarantee.